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Return Policy, Returns and Exchanges

In case of a return, please use the RMA Center in your user account.
We have a 14-day return policy.
You can return your goods at any time within 14 days to:

Timbercoast GmbH
Steinstraße 15
26931 Elsfleth

As soon as your return has arrived, the goods will be checked and your money will be refunded.
If you notice any traces of wear must be expected deductions.

The money will be refunded shortly after receiving and checking the return in the same way as received.

Please provide us with a return document to us with a document with which we can identify you and your order.
At best, a copy of your bill.

Who pays the return shipment?
The return is the responsibility of the customer.

If it is a mistake on our part, a pick-up will be commissioned by us and promptly arranged the delivery of the correct items free of charge.

For large, bulky or general bulky goods it is recommended to contact our customer hotline before returning to clarify the transfer.

In case of a replacement or a faulty order, please contact our customer service in any case.

Our customer service is from Mo.-Fr. 11:00-17:00 a clock at any time with all questions for you attainable.
04404 / 8278461
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