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AVONTUUR Karibik RUM Probier-Box | Alle Karibik-Sorten enthalten + 2 AVONTUUR Tastinggläser

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AVONTUUR Karibik RUM Probier-Box | Alle Karibik-Sorten enthalten + 2 AVONTUUR Tastinggläser - 250 ml | 5 x 50ml Flaschen + Box

  • Aus Zuckerrohrsaft von den Kanarischen Inseln
  • Ohne Farbstoffe
  • Ohne Zuckerzusatz
  • Alcohol:
    34% - 42% Vol
  • Age [maturation]:
    2 - 10 Jahre
Voyage 4 - Open seaport
TC-556-BOX-2 Gläser
incl. 16% Vat. excl. shipping
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€ 25,96 / 100 ml
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Item Description

Traditionally distilled in a wood fired copper still from locally farmed sugar cane juice – Aged for 10 years in oak barrels on La Palma, Canary Islands – Transported by 15 crew over 8 months across the North Atlantic ocean under sail – matured to pefection for another 6 months in an open farm shed.

Transported on board our sailing cargo sailing schooner AVONTUUR – On a mission to promote ecological justice – This rum is a tribute to truly natural process.

The tale of our AVONTUUR sailed Rum starts at the Ron Aldea distillery in La Palma, Canary Islands. It is here that the juice from fresh sugar cane was fermented and distilled in a traditional copper still. The virgin spirit, called aguardiente, is filled into oak barrels once used for whiskeys. These award-winning rums mature to the distinctly refined taste that have kept this family distillery flourishing since its establishment in 1936.

In 2016 Jose Quevedo, the manager of Ron Aldea, blended our rum from 8 to 10-year-old additions creating the exceptional base for our AVONTUUR spirit. Once our schooner had arrived to the volcanic island, the spirit was then filled into the barrels we had sailed to La Palma.

Our barrels were specifically sourced from the Bordeaux region where they had previously lived lives aging cabernet sauvignon to perfection. During the following months at sea our wine barrels did not only add a tinge of Bordeaux red to the rums’ aroma but would define the AVONTUUR’s spirit.

Filled and securely sealed, we loaded our precious cargo by hand. Our rum was now ready for the last and most adventurous part of the maturing process. An eight-month sail journey crossing the Atlantic Ocean twice through almost every possible climate zone the North Atlantic had in store.

Sailing the ‘barefoot route’ propelled by the warm and usually regular trade winds we were surprised to find that they completely failed to live up to their reputation. Blowing neither constant nor regular they even offered 9 days of calm before landfall in Martinique 31 days later. Being rolled around gently in temperatures that often reached or even exceeded 40°C our rum enjoyed an easy start.

Another 1500 nautical miles across the Caribbean Sea under sail to collect organic coffee beans grown in the Honduran highlands. After a very short stay in Puerto Cortes, Honduras our AVONTUUR carried on to the Bahamas. For the remaining journey back to Europe, our rum would share the hold with 20 tonnes of fresh green coffee beans.

After the Bahamas, we finally left the calm tropical waters of the Caribbean following the Gulf current north- and eastwards into the ‘real’ North Atlantic. Temperatures of both air and water dropping day by day. For the rest of the voyage the stormy waters of the Atlantic Ocean unleashed their infinite energy and power on AVONTUUR and gave our rum its special touch that only sea transport can create.

After eight months at sea covering almost 12,000 nautical miles under sail we finally discharged our rum in AVONTUUR’s home port of Elsfleth, Germany. What was the result? An adventurous rum shaped by the oceans currents and navigated by the expertise of all its handlers.

From the first voyage with our cargo sailing ship AVONTUUR we only have 3 barrels of the 42% strength and a limited edition for the 65,4% cask strength. Enjoy this rum responsibly, amongst friends, and in the company of big ideas.

Package Contents

1 x 50 ml bottle AVONTUUR sailed Rum "DINGHY" 42% Edition No2 mini

Product features

FSK 18:
Age [maturation]:
2 - 10 Jahre
TimberCoast GmbH
Weight [kg]:
1,40 kg
Lengte in cm:
Breedte in cm:
Hoogte in cm:
34% - 42% Vol

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